About Us

Our Company

HTCey Grange, a family trusted company was incorporated in 2016. It was founded with the vision of empowering of the local community along with the founders passion for farming.

Today, the company is managed and operated by a strong team that has created appropriate synergies and strengths in order to be at the absolute forefront in all aspects.

At HTCey, we believe in utilising renewable energy resources. Together with rainwater harvesting, solar energy and water filtration systems, we are able to put our beliefs into practice. Thus, paving the way for a greener future.

HTCey Grange is a subsidiary of the HTCey Group. Beginning from its core venture in the tourism industry, under the brand name, HTCey Leisure, the company has been able to expand via diversification. The HTCey Group is built on a foundation of trust and loyalty, which are maintained within all aspects of the organisation. We at HTCey are dedicated to achieving and delivering the highest standards in terms of business principle and ethical conduct, as that is what we deem to be a fundamental factor of success.