Capacity & future plans

The current capacity of the poultry operations is a flock of 225,000 within 5 environmentally controlled houses. The long term objective of the Livestock arm is to reach a flock of 500,000 chickens in Sri Lanka or possible investment overseas to achieve this current objective. The company also plans to venture into goat-farming in the near future.  

Plantations of TeJC mangoes, cashew, guavas, papayas, lemon, limes and coconut are currently in place with the addition of more plants to improve their yield. Ensuring tender care and special attention to the existing fields. Proposals are in place in order to establish a consistent and reliable supply chain for the distribution of mango and cashew for wholesale and retail. In order to ensure absolute quality, plants have been carefully selected and purchased from nurseries belonging to the Department of Agriculture (DoA) in Sri Lanka.